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The Job Defender™ – Preservation & Maintenance Kit for Concrete & Masonry Job Ownders

Forget laborous details of maintenance – this kit has it all! Featuring cleaning products for easy upkeep of any sealed or unsealed concrete or masonry job, this kit also includes supplies to help you get the job done. For more information, contact your White Mountain dealer or Triangle Coatings today!

NuSeal Pro™ – Contractor Grade, High Gloss Sealer

Finally, a solution for the contractor. This high quality, high gloss sealer offers the same great qualities of our high end lacquers, with an economical price tag. Developed for contractors who can appreciate a fast drying, dependable sealer, this coating features exceptional adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces and UV resistance for projects indoors or out. Ideal on unglazed pavers, brick, slate, natural or manufactured stone, and colored, stamped or embossed concrete, this sealer provides the total coating solution to contractors’ job needs. Available in gloss, semi-gloss, and low-gloss versions. Low VOC formula also available. For more information, visit our White Mountain Contractor Grade Sealer page, or contact Triangle Coatings today.

NuSeal Pro™ Plus – Low VOC, Contractor Grade, High Gloss Sealer

The water based, low VOC #7 Series Goldstone™ is a new and improved version of our renowned #6 Series Goldstone™ formula. Tested and approved for use on Goldstone and other large antenna systems worldwide, this water based topcoat protects antennas, dish telescopes, and radio receivers from infrared radiation and heat accumulation. This ultra low VOC coating also allows electromagnetic waves to pass, ensuring accurate data collection without interference. Visit our Antenna Coatings page for more information on #7 Series Goldstone™ and how it compares to our original formula.

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Our History

Year 1932~2000 March 1932 Triangle Paint Company founded in Berkeley in a paint factory built in 1914 by General Paint (General Paint was later purchased...

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Paint Manufacturer

Triangle Coatings is a paint and coatings manufacturer located in San Leandro, California. We carefully formulate products to coat or protect industrial, artistic, architectural, and...

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Triangle Coatings FAQ

Q: How do I write a specification for Triangle products? A. You may contact us directly or if you are familiar with ARCAT, you can...

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Triangle Coatings International Operations In November 2007, Triangle Coatings Asia was founded to support the growing Asian market for Triangle’s specialty and OEM coatings. The...

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Terms and Conditions Conditions of Use and Legal Notices The information published on Triangle's web site is provided without charge as a convenience to visitors,...

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Thank you for your interest in Triangle Coatings products. We welcome orders by phone, fax or email. To order by phone, please call our customer...

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New Products

New Industrial Products New Products for Concrete & Masonry The Job Defender™ – Preservation & Maintenance Kit for Concrete & Masonry Job Ownders Forget laborous...

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Company Info

Triangle Coatings’ business began in 1932 as a small, regional paint manufacturer. We offered users quality coatings, quick service, and immediate access to chemical information...

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