Industrial Coatings

Triangle Coatings, Inc. produces state of the art coatings focusing on cost effective, high performance coatings for metal.


Concrete Sealers (White Mountain ™)

Produced for the professional contractor and do-it-yourself home craftsmen for restoring old concrete landscape or enhancing the new.


Decorative Coating

Sophisticated Finishes/Modern Options products are perfect for transforming sculptures, fountains, light fixtures, or more into works of art.


Tub and Tile Coatings

Liquid Porcelain(TM) refinishing products have proven to be a superior solution by commercial and professional refinishers


Artist Oils

Classic Artist Oils (TM) are painstakingly manufactured with extremely heavy pigmentation, buttery texture, and consistent premium quality.


Architectual Coating

Products developed to give paint contractors, designers, architects, building owners, and homeowners the perfect blend of performance, protection, and beauty,

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