Architectural Coating

Premium quality architectural coatings for easy application and long lasting protection, the full line of Architectural Paints are environmentally compliant coating systems that are specified around the world on a wide assortment of substrates. With quick service, immediate access to chemical information and coatings advice, we are proud to supply the highest quality products that protect and beautify our environment.

From “cool roof” coatings to the wide variety of finishes achieved with Architextural Effects, from durable exterior to fashionable interior, let Triangle be your “total coatings solution”.

Architextural Effects

Elegance shouldn’t be expensive. These decorative elements are designed to bring style and sophistication to any paintable surface. Create depth and elegance with any of our metallic surfacers or add an antiquing solution to our reactive metallic surfacers to produce a natural patina or rust finish on any paintable material....


White Mountain™ Products

White Mountain™ products are specially formulated to add beauty and luster to your concrete, stone, pavers and tile features indoors and out. Using our uniquely formulated concrete and architectural coatings and sealers preserves the natural beauty of the feature and the subsequent value it adds to your property. If you...


Interior & Exterior Coatings

Interior Primers and Coatings 281 Series – AllPrime AllPrime is a premium, water based, primer for interior use. AllPrime is manufactured using a 100% acrylic resin system providing good adhesion, water, and alkali resistance, and stain blocking properties. AllPrime produces a moderate film build and is sandable. 281 Series Data...


Custom Formulation

At Triangle, we pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality paints and coatings suited for any application. All of our products are carefully manufactured for reliable performance in a variety of industries. However, if you feel you have a unique application, we have the ability to custom formulate one (or...