Artist Oils

CLASSIC Artist Oils™ – Quality without Compromise!

Meticulously manufactured from the finest materials using formulas that have been around for more than 50 years, Classic Artist Oils offer the serious artist extraordinary oil paint with extremely heavy pigmentation, buttery texture, and consistently premium quality. One of the few American manufacturers of artist grade oil colors, Classic Artist Oils also offers savings you cannot find anywhere else! It is no wonder Classic Artist Oils have become a staple of professional artists nationwide.

Painting from life is a pursuit unlike any other. The challenges it presents and the emotion necessary to convey not just static scenery but to capture the atmosphere of a moment in time is to be greatly revered and admired. The artist must use every sense of touch, smell, sound and sight to absorb it all- and then channel it along with form, technique and materials… into a vision of art. Classic Artist Oils’ selection of rich, pure colors – along with its signature buttery texture that allows you to paint straight from the tube- lends itself effortlessly to the dedicated groups across this nation that all share a love of painting “en plein air”. While there may be plenty of other things to worry about while out in the field, your paints should be the one thing to depend on and serve your inspiration well. As a company, we strive to show our support and appreciation for the hardworking, individual artist by keeping our prices low without comprising the quality. For over 50 years, CLASSIC Artists Oils has brought you the finest quality oil paints direct from the manufacturer. A trusted source for recognized artists all over the world, our paints have created works that hang in galleries and museums worldwide.

Painting on Location: A note about travelling with CLASSIC Artist Oils™:

One of the many perks of being a painter is the ability to travel to distant places in order to express your views of the world through your art. There’s nothing like visiting another area, whether on vacation or commission, and finding inspiration. However, Triangle Coatings, Inc. would like to remind all artists of the importance of abiding by local and federal regulations for travelling with liquids, gels, or pastes. We are proud to report our professional grade artist oils are non-hazardous and safe for travel. For your convenience, we have prepared documents that should be included with your Classic Artist Oil Colors at all times during travel. Please keep in mind that state and federal standards may differ from region to region, so we recommend checking with your local laws and regulations before packing up. Happy Travels!



Yellow, Orange, Red

Yellow, Orange, Red: Pigment Descriptions D277 Radiant Yellow A high intensity blend of pure yellow pigment and white, excellent for use as a glaze or to portray optical effects of light and shade. Color Index Name & Number:   PY3-11710 Monoazo Yellow & PW6-11710 Titanium Dioxide Vehicle:   Alkali refined...


Violet, Blue, Green

Violet, Blue, Green: Pigment Descriptions D213 Phthalo Green The blue version of the popular Phthalo Green color, clean and bright with strong tinting strength and excellent transparency. Developed in 1935 it is one of the many high quality, stable greens developed around the turn of the 19th century. Color Index...


Earth Tones

Earth Tones: Pigment Descriptions D224 Yellow Ochre A synthetic pigment is used given that there is only one remaining quarry extracting ocher by mining in southern France, where the very best natural sources are said to be located. The earth tone of the synthetic version has proven to be brighter,...


Black, White, Neutral

Black, White, Neutral: Pigment Descriptions D200 Carbon Black An intense black that was traditionally produced by charring organic materials, thankfully newer methods have been implemented raising the standard of quality and enhancing performance characteristics. Color Index Name & Number:   PBk7-77266 Carbon Vehicle:   Alkali refined linseed oil ASTM Rated:...


CLASSIC Artist Oils™ History

A History of CLASSIC Artist Oils™ “They were a rugged lot in the tradition of cowboys, mariners and arctic explorers. They painted signs on walls, great and small, and they worked like dogs. So they were called walldogs.” – From Ghost Signs, by Wm. Stage Everyone has seen them. After...