Classic Artists’ Gallery

The following images are examples of fine art created by artists who use the CLASSIC Artist Oils brand.

Ed Terpening
“Crystal Springs in the Sun”, Classic Artist Oils
Artist Gallery
San Francisco resident Ed Terpening is a nationally known, award winning artist. Most of his work is produced “en plein air” (outside, alla prima), although he also produces larger studio works. Ed focuses on strong color, design and brushwork reminiscent of the Russian impressionists. In addition to his art, he produces a daily art blog, called “Life, Plein Air”.



Colleen Lambert
“Seascape”, Classic Artist Oils
Artist Gallery
“I’ve always tried to create images that ‘work’. I prefer painting seascape portraits of my beautiful Northwest as well as lively still life images. I enjoy the discipline and tradition of a more realistic style, although occasionally I slip over into a more impressionist style. Classic Oils allow me the versatility I seek in my work and the intensity that I need to convey strong images to others. Lastly, if my art makes others happy or able to recall a fond moment in time, then I’ve accomplished my goal of sharing my vision. My work has been collected by both corporate and private clients, here and abroad”.


Jerry Greenberg
“May Flowers”, Classic Artist Oils
Artist Gallery
A deep appreciation for nature is at the heart of Jerry Greenberg’s paintings. In his work he seeks to convey the landscape as he experienced it emotionally as well as visually. “It’s all about light and mood and capturing your impression on canvas” he says simply.



Laura Molina
“Amor Alien”, ©2004, Classic Artist Oils on Canvas – 49″ x 37″
Artist Gallery
Artist Laura Molina was born in East Los Angeles, California and grew up in the
suburbs of Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley. She studied art and film making in the Character Animation Program at California Institute of the Arts. She currently lives in Elizabeth Lake on the edge of the Mojave Desert.
Projects have included the Naked Dave series of paintings and a self-published comis book, “Cihualyaomiquiz, The Jaguar”. She was an Artist-in-Residence at Self Help Graphics from 1993 through 1995 and participated in the Screen Print Atelier in 2003 and 2006. A documentary short film, “Naked Dave” was made about her artistic obsessions by filmmakers Alex Schaffert and David Callaghan in 2004. A recent interview with her appears in Frederick L. Aldama’s 2009 book, “Your Brain on Latino Comics: From Gus Arriola to Los Bros Hernandez”, University of Texas Press.


Rick Rotante
“Cassy in Red”, Classic Artist Oils
Artist GalleryMr.
Rotante was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. and has practiced art all his life taking up oil painting professionally in 1985. He attended and School of Art and Design in Manhattan, majoring in Commercial art and has also studied with Vern Wilson and Steve Huston. He has exhibited and sold works in many shows nationally for the last seventeen years. Rick is a member of The California Art Club and the Oil Painters of America. He does private portrait commissions and has taught pastel at Glendale Community College.





Bruce Bingham
“Sunday Afternoon”, Classic Artist Oils
Artist Gallery
A professional artist for over 25 years, Bruce captures the spirit of color and form. The range of subject matter is evidence of Bruce’s versatility. Sensual application of lush oil paint and strong composition enable the viewer to experience a new world.




Don Sahli
“Rainy Day Light Red Table”, Classic Artist Oils
Artist Gallery
Don Sahli’s work echoes the uninhibited use of brilliant color and stern originality found in the work of the Russian impressionalist masters. At the Sahli School of Art, founded by Don in 1995, and in the Art of Painting – Interactive Art Instruction DVD Collection produced in 2008, artists will find Sahli blends critical step-by-step tools and techniques that help them on their painting journey.



P. K. Jones
“Farm in Tuscany” ©2005, Classic Artist Oils on Canvas
Artist Gallery
P. K. Jones is a California Impressionist who draws inspiration from the Russian painters of the late 19th Century and the legendary California
Impressionists. Using thick paint and active brush strokes, the artist seeks to communicate mood, passion, and the mystery of memory.



All images and descriptions are property of the respective artist
and used with permission. If you use CLASSIC Artist Oils™ and would like
to see your work displayed here, please email or call us at 1-510-895-8000.

Yellow, Orange, Red

Yellow, Orange, Red: Pigment Descriptions D277 Radiant Yellow A high intensity blend of pure yellow pigment and white, excellent for use as a glaze or to portray optical effects of light and shade. Color Index Name & Number:   PY3-11710 Monoazo Yellow & PW6-11710 Titanium Dioxide Vehicle:   Alkali refined...


Violet, Blue, Green

Violet, Blue, Green: Pigment Descriptions D213 Phthalo Green The blue version of the popular Phthalo Green color, clean and bright with strong tinting strength and excellent transparency. Developed in 1935 it is one of the many high quality, stable greens developed around the turn of the 19th century. Color Index...


Earth Tones

Earth Tones: Pigment Descriptions D224 Yellow Ochre A synthetic pigment is used given that there is only one remaining quarry extracting ocher by mining in southern France, where the very best natural sources are said to be located. The earth tone of the synthetic version has proven to be brighter,...


Black, White, Neutral

Black, White, Neutral: Pigment Descriptions D200 Carbon Black An intense black that was traditionally produced by charring organic materials, thankfully newer methods have been implemented raising the standard of quality and enhancing performance characteristics. Color Index Name & Number:   PBk7-77266 Carbon Vehicle:   Alkali refined linseed oil ASTM Rated:...


CLASSIC Artist Oils™ History

A History of CLASSIC Artist Oils™ “They were a rugged lot in the tradition of cowboys, mariners and arctic explorers. They painted signs on walls, great and small, and they worked like dogs. So they were called walldogs.” – From Ghost Signs, by Wm. Stage Everyone has seen them. After...