Countertop Sealers

Countertop Sealers

W1-06 – Ultrapel™

White Mountain Ultrapel™ is an invisible, stain-blocking sealer that locks out oil, grease and other organic stains from concrete, masonry and tile. Designed for use in dining, food service areas and parking facilities, Ultrapel makes no appreciable change in the appearance of most surfaces. Effective on interlocking concrete and clay pavers, colored and stamped concrete, flagstone and other porous surfaces, Ultrapel can even repel stains such as engine oil, by causing the oil to bead-up and stay above the surface until washed away. If left unprotected, oil and other dark liquids can soak in, permanently staining a paver or porous surface. Protect the appearance of your floor easily with Ultrapel.

W1-02 – Wet Look OX™ – Original Formula

White Mountain Wet Look OX provides clear protection and enhances the natural color and beauty of brick, exposed aggregate, concrete, colored concrete, natural or manufactured stone, and interlocking pavers. Wet Look OX creates a deep penetrating, high gloss, barrier coating to highlight the beauty and warmth of the surface to which it is applied. UV resistant and recoatable, Wet Look OX also contains stain-blocking additives to keep out oil and grease stains. This product can also be used as a joint sand stabilizer for interlocking pavers.

W1-03 – Wet Look SC™ – Low VOC Formula

White Mountain Wet Look SC – Low VOC meets the strict guidelines set by the South Coast Air Quality Management District for acceptable product VOC levels. With a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content of 48 grams per liter, it far exceeds the base limits set by SCAQMD 1113. Wet Look SC – Low VOC performs as well as our original Wet Look OX formula, adding a high-gloss finish and enhancing the natural colors of the surface to which it is applied.


White Mountain CT Plus™ is a high performance, two-component, air or force dried, aliphatic acrylic urethane enamel. This new formula provides enhanced performance with a lower VOC content. CT Plus has the highest color retention and atmospheric durability that current coatings technology can provide. CT Plus dries hard, with a resilient tile like toughness that gives it unsurpassed impact and abrasion resistance. In addition, it is impermeable to water, and resistant to splash and spill type contact with most chemicals. CT Plus is designed as a finished product surface enamel. Typical uses include; concrete counter tops, concrete architectural elements, concrete water features and unglazed or glazed tile surfaces. CT Plus is available in kits, in gloss or matte finish.

W1-01 – Crystal Seal™

White Mountain Crystal Seal™ is a stain resistant sealer for stone, concrete, pavers and unglazed tile. Current advancements in water based acrylic micro-emulsion coatings technology have allowed us to develop the ultimate, long-lasting sealer. It protects against water damage, spalling caused by freeze/thaw conditions, stains from oil or grease, and discoloration from dirt. One coat produces a satin finish while additional coats produce added gloss, color enhancement and protection.