Green Coatings

At Triangle Coatings, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Ned Kisner, President of Triangle, is a nationally respected advocate for responsible environmental regulations for the paint and coatings industry. Over the last 30 years, Mr. Kisner has advanced environmental awareness, federal and regional regulations and has made Triangle Coatings a leader in water-based, low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint formulations.

Mr. Kisner’s interest in environmental issues began in the 1980’s when he founded PARLE, the Program Advocating Responsible Legislation for the Environment, an association of Paint Industry professionals who recognized the negative impact of traditional paint manufacturing practices and worked to implement more environmentally friendly practices. Drawing on this experience, he accepted an invitation to serve on a Federal Advisory Committee, where for 6 years he volunteered his time and expertise to develop sound regulations.

In addition to his committee work, Mr. Kisner and Triangle Coatings have assisted with environmental studies, including a Solar Reflectivity Study at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories. This study advanced knowledge of the impact of reflective paint on global warming and energy efficiency.

Ned Kisner’s efforts bring a top down commitment at Triangle Coatings to maintaining, and wherever possible exceeding, environmental regulations. From our labs to our manufacturing facility, we take all necessary steps to protect ourselves, our customers and all those who follow in our wake from the consequences of destructive environmental practices.

Triangle Coatings’ Environmental Health and Safety Policy
Direct from the desk of President and CEO, Ned Kisner

Our company is committed to ensuring the conservation of our environment, to teaching safe practices and to providing healthy working conditions as essential elements to sustain profitability for the continuation of our company and for the benefit of our employees.

  • Triangle and its employees are committed to the protection of the environment, to the health and safety of ourselves, our customers, our community, and to all others that may interface with our activities.
  • It is our environmental policy to meet, as a minimum, all product and manufacturing rules and regulations.Triangle and its employees are committed to continuously observe, evaluate, and control or eliminate any potential hazards to attain our goal of zero accidents.
  • Triangle and its employees are committed to the continuous improvement of our processes, for the benefit of our safety and health, and that of our environment.
  • Triangle, its management, and each and every employee contributes to the prevention of accidents by identifying and controlling environmental, health and safety hazards as supported by our training and awareness programs.
  • The environment and the health and safety of our community are management’s responsibility. Every Triangle manager is required to make the commitment to provide the necessary resources of personnel, time, and money to carry out our commitment to the environment and to the health and safety of our employees, customers and our community.
Ned Kisner
President and Chief Executive Officer
Triangle Coatings, Inc.