Aluminum/Metallic Finishes

Chrome Finishes

37G798 – PermaKote™ SuperChrome

A fast drying product finishing enamel, the 37 Series is a single component, solvent based, alkyd topcoat with a high solids content, providing superior gloss, depth, and clarity.

33G798 – TriGuard™ SuperChrome

TriGuard is a premium, silicone alkyd enamel with aluminum pigmentation, to provide excellent gloss retention, durability, and
protection against moisture. This product provides an exceptionally hard, uniform finish that rivals factory baked systems for appearance and performance.

35G798 – Bakote™ SuperChrome

An industrial and marine enamel, the 35 Series is a traditional general purpose, high solids, long and medium oil alkyd enamel for industrial and marine maintenance. Bakote SuperChrome has a high gloss, is relatively flexible, and provides excellent corrosion protection.

16G798 – TriAqua™ SuperChrome

TriAqua™ SuperChrome is a high gloss water reducible enamel. The 16 Series is a single component, water reducible, air-dry finishing enamel with a low VOC content. It is designed for one coat spray application directly onto hand-cleaned iron and steel.

Zinc Finishes

920Z Series – KoldGalv™

The 920Z Series is an epoxy ester primer for iron, steel, and galvanized metal. With a high zinc dust content, KoldGalv™ provides rich galvanizing repair.