Epoxy Primers & Enamels

Epoxy Primers & Enamels

44 Series – Epoxy Acrylic DTM *NEW!*

This two-component water-based epoxy acrylic primer and finish is designed for direct-to-metal applications over properly prepared surfaces. It dries to a tough, durable finish and exhibits excellent performance, high build, and rust-inhibitive properties. This coating is used to protect exterior and interior structural ferrous and nonferrous steel, institutional walls, and industrial machinery. When used in conjunction with high build zinc rich primers, it is suitable for moderate duty marine applications. When used as one part of a three-coat system, 44 Series is also suitable for bridge coating applications.

941P Series – Tripoxy™ Primer

Tripoxy Primer is a 2-part, polyamide cure epoxy primer for iron and steel. This primer features corrosion inhibition and prevention with excellent hardness, durability, and adhesion. Tripoxy Primer provides a smooth, orange peel free finish.

41 Series – Tripoxy™

Tripoxy is a 2-part, high solids, high gloss epoxy enamel. This coating cures to an extremely dense and hard finish, without being brittle. Impermeable and insensitive to water, Tripoxy is suitable for submersion service. With excellent adhesion, this coating provides excellent resistance to common solvents, alkalis, and splash and spills from most acids.

43 Series – Tripoxy™ HB

This high solids surface tolerant epoxy mastic provides excellent chemical and water resistance. Intended for application to hand cleaned iron and steel, Tripoxy HB is recommended for submersion in fresh, salt, and waste water, when applied over blasted clean metal.

966P Series – TriBond™ W

Water Based, VOC Compliant*, Fast Recoat, 2-part Epoxy Primer, formulated to provide a quick recoat time to meet high speed production needs. TriBond W bonds extremely well to properly prepared iron phosphate and blasted surfaces to provide durable protection against corrosion and water. Compatible with solvent and water based alkyd, urethane, and epoxy topcoats.

283P Series – Aquapoxy™ Primer – DISCONTINUED

This product has been discontinued and replaced by our 966P Series TriBond™ W. Please see 966P Series – TriBond™ W for more information.