W3-04 – Efflorescence Remover

White Mountain Efflorescence Remover is a remover of masonry efflorescence, (the white chalky powder found on concrete], cement scale and grout haze. Efflorescence Remover is a blend of acids, a surfactant and an antifoaming agent. This combination reduces etching problems on delicate surfaces.

W3-02 – Jobsite Cleaner™

White Mountain Jobsite Cleaner is the best industrial grade all-purpose cleaner ever developed for construction use. Jobsite is a non-toxic concrete, tile and masonry cleaner. It removes dirt, grime, grease and oil from concrete, masonry, wood, grout or any difficult to clean surface. Jobsite is a concentrate that is mixed with up to 8-part water making it an inexpensive way to restore damaged and unsightly surfaces.